A South Korean farmer killed and cooked a neighbor’s barking dog before inviting its owner to unknowingly join him for a dog-meat dinner.

The 62-year-old man confessed to the crime after another neighbor tipped off the pet owner’s family. The man claimed that he was irritated by the dog’s constant barking that he threw a stone at the two-year-old Welsh corgi, causing the animal to lose consciousness.

“Only after the dog passed out, he claims, he strangled the animal and cooked it,” a detective in the southern city of Pyeongtaek said. “The man then invited his neighbors to share the meal, including the father of the dog-owning family.”

The following day, the suspect visited her father, drank with him and consoled him over the missing dog. “He even invited neighbors to come share the dog meat, including my father who did not accept the invitation as he is a non-dog meat eater,” she said.

Activists have stepped up campaigns to ban dog consumption. Under a new law, animal abusers face up to two years in prison or 20m won in fines.


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