DEVELOPING: Mom Accidentally Sends Son to School in X-rated Shirt

A Texas mom is apologizing for not monitoring what her son wears to school.

Shelly McCullar sent her son, Anthony, to school at Travis Elementary on Wednesday in what she thought was a McDonald’s-logo T-shirt. But the mom was in for a surprise when Anthony got home and she took a closer look at what he was wearing. It was an X-rated McDonald’s parody featuring a pair of parted women’s legs wearing heels with the tagline, “I’m lovin it” written underneath.

“I promise from now on to monitor what my kids are wearing!” McCullar wrote on Facebook. “I had no idea Anthony wore this to school.”

McCullar says that she had received a box of hand-me-down clothes for Anthony from a friend, but she hadn’t yet gone through the bin to see what was in it. Anthony said in a posted video that he just grabbed the shirt thinking it was “like McDonald’s” and went to school.


The teachers, like McCullar and Anthony, did not seem to notice the lewd content of the T-shirt.

Source: Mom accidentally sends son to school in X-rated shirt

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