DEVELOPING: Braless Florida Student Forced to Put Bandaids on Nipples by School Administrator

A female Florida student who went to class without a bra one day this week, was reportedly forced to cover her nipples with bandaids by school administrators.

17-year-old Lizzy Martinez decided not to wear a bra under her long-sleeved shirt on Monday, and Martinez said that administrators felt this made her a distraction to other students. The dean then called her into her office.

Once there, School Dean Violeta Velazquez told her to put on a second shirt. However, this apparently was not adequate, as Velazquez reportedly then told her to go to the nurse, who gave her two bandaids for each nipple to try and cover them.

In a response, the school district says that the situation should have been handled differently, but said that the officials were simply trying to enforce the dress code. The code reportedly does not mention bras.

Source: Bra-less Florida student says school humiliated her – Orlando Sentinel

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