BREAKING: Michigan to no Longer Supply Bottled Water to Flint

The state of Michigan has announced that they will no longer be providing bottled water to the city of Flint.

This announcement comes after several tests have shown that the levels of lead in Flint’s water are well below the levels of action. The tests also concluded that the water has been like this for over two years.

Michigan Governor Snyder released the following statement:

I have said all along that ensuring the quality of the water in Flint and helping the people and the city move forward were a top priority for me and my team. We have worked diligently to restore the water quality and the scientific data now proves the water system is stable and the need for bottled water has ended. For the past two years I have repeatedly been asked when I would declare the water safe in Flint and I have always said that no arbitrary decision would be made — that we would let the science take us to that conclusion. Since Flint’s water is now well within the standards set by the federal government, we will now focus even more of our efforts on continuing with the health, education and economic development assistance needed to help move Flint forward. I remain steadfast in that commitment.”

Flint’s mayor wrote a letter to the Governor earlier this week, asking him to not cease the distribution of water.

Source: State ends water distribution in Flint | WSMH

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