Pennsylvania State Senator Scott Wagner said earlier this week that climate change is caused by body heat and Earth’s apparent slow death spiral into the  sun.

Wagner, in front of a room of natural gas drilling advocates, said that global warming could be caused by body heat, as well as the Earth “moving closer to the sun.” His statements were quickly rejected by Joe Rao, an associate and lecturer at the Hayden Planetarium in New York. Senator Wagner’s comments can be seen below:

“I haven’t been in a science class in a long time, but the Earth moves closer to the sun every year, you know, the rotation of the Earth. We’re moving closer to the sun.”

He also said, “We have more people … you know, humans have warm bodies. So is heat coming off? Things are changing … but I think we are, as a society, doing the best we can.”

Source: He also said the Earth is inching closer to the sun. (It’s not)


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