DEVELOPING: Alligator run over by Vehicle, Dismembered for Souvenirs

An alligator known to hang around a Houston, Texas neighborhood was dismembered Friday after locals apparently pulled apart the alligator for souvenirs after it had been run over. The 6-foot gator, known to nearby residents as “Harvey” and “Al the Gator,” was killed Friday morning after being run over by a vehicle, according to a local TV station.

Convenience store owner Sam Manesiya told the news station he first spotted the creature lying on the side of the road early Friday when he opened his shop, and by that afternoon saw a woman cutting off one of the alligator’s feet. Juaquin Aguilar, also of the area, said he had to chase people away from the gator as they were pulling out its teeth and cutting off limbs.

“It makes me mad because it’s disrespectful,” Aguilar told KHOU. “The game wardens have a special place in jail for those people.” Other residents shared similar feelings, telling the station that “Al the Gator” was peaceful and would keep to herself.

Alligators, along with crocodiles, caiman and other similar reptiles, are federally protected. State wildlife authorities say dismembering a dead animal is a misdemeanor.

Source: Houston alligator run over by vehicle, dismembered for souvenirs, report says | Fox News

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