DEVELOPING: 10 Million Pounds of Human Feces Stuck in Railcars in Parrish, Alabama, for over 2 months

Dozens of railcars carrying 10 million pounds of poop are stuck at a rail yard in Parrish, Alabama, and has been there for over 2 months.

The waste, which was transported there from New York and New Jersey, was sent to a private landfill in Adamsville, Alabama. However, once a court decided to uphold an injunction against the company for storing their biowaste at a nearby shipyard, the waste has remained in Parrish.

Because there are no zoning laws in the small rural community, the waste is free to stay there. Residents have been complaining of not only the stench, which they say is similar to a rotting carcass, but also of the air quality and public health issues associated with it.

The EPA and the Alabama Department of Health say that the Grade A biowaste is not a danger to the health of any residents because it is not supposed to be raw sewage.

Source: Train full of poop stranded in Parrish, Alabama – CNN

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