A Scotland woman was left in a coma for seven days and is now waiting to have all four limbs amputated after contracting sepsis from a paper cut.

The family of 54-year-old Marguerite Henderson was told to “prepare for her death.” She has since managed to pull through, but doctors have told the family they have no choice but to remove all four of her limbs due to the infection.
Henderson’s eldest daughter Kim Donnachie said she noticed on Sunday that she had a tiny cut on her index finger on her right hand. “It was that miniscule, she doesn’t even remember how she got it. It was just a cut the size of a papercut. By the next day, it looked infected so she went to the pharmacist to see if they had anything for it and they told her to get it checked by the doctor so she got an appointment for the next day.”
The mother became so sick they rushed her to the hospital immediately. Once they were at the hospital, the family was told that Marguerite had contracted the deadly infection sepsis. She was taken into intensive care as her organs began to fail.

Remarkably, Marguerite pulled through but doctors have said they will have to amputate her limbs.

Her daughter added, “She used to drive and would always be on the go. She was so devastated about it all but now she is saying she knows she’s lucky to be alive.

“She wants to make the most of her life and enjoy being a grandmother.”

Source: Woman Will Have All Four Limbs Amputated After Contracting Sepsis ‘From Paper Cut’ – LADbible

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