A man in Pennsylvania has died after taking too many anti-diarrheals, resulting in a drug poisoning.

Arjun Patel, 29, died back in November, but his cause of death was not released until this week. The active ingredient in many anti-diarrhea medications is loperamide, which has been abused increasingly over the past two years. Addicts have reportedly been buying hundreds of the pills in order to get high off of loperamide.

“Since 2015 through the end of 2017, just at the Pittsburgh Poison Center, we saw a 167 percent increase in calls related to loperamide toxicity, with more than half of those people needing to go to the hospital,” Dr. Michael Lynch, of UPMC’s Pittsburgh Poison Center, said.

Source: Man Dies From Anti-Diarrhea Drug Poisoning; Experts Say Cases Up 167% « CBS Pittsburgh


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