Mike Hughes, who had hit many roadblocks during his journey, has finally launched his homemade rocket to try and prove that the Earth is flat.

The 61-year-old limo driver blasted off using his steam-powered rocket on March 24th, after having several issues getting permission for the launch. Hughes went about 1,875 feet above the Mojave Desert in the homemade rocket, reaching a speed of about 350 mph. He deployed two parachutes while landing, which was done successfully near his launch pad. The hard landing did leave him with some injuries, but it is unclear what they may be.

While this test did not prove his hypothesis, Hughes plans to eventually make it to space, and try to prove his theory that the Earth is a frisbee shape. He also has stated a desire to run for Governor. You can find our earlier coverage of Hughes here: California Man to Launch Himself in Rocket to Prove Earth is Flat

Source: Flat-earther Mike Hughes launches his homemade rocket above the Mojave Desert – The Washington Post


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