“Japan’s slowest roller coaster” derailed on March 23rd, but the passengers did not seem to notice immediately what had happened.

The “Family Coaster,” which is billed as the slowest in Japan, had a wheel disengage with the track, causing the train to stop. The 7 adults and 12 children were then left suspended 16 feet in the air. According to one of the passengers at the scene, they did not notice that the ride had stopped.

However, the passengers became suspicious after crewmembers came out and began to push the train, as well as hit it with hammers, to try and get it moving. They also refused to tell the passengers that anything was wrong, which prompted the customers to call emergency service. Finally after around 50 minutes, everyone was evacuated.

Source: “Japan’s slowest roller coaster” derails, passengers don’t notice | SoraNews24


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