DEVELOPING: Greyhound Passengers Take Over Bus to Stop Drowsy Driver



Passengers on a Greyhound bus bound from Phoenix to Dallas took matters into their own hands after witnessing the driver falling asleep during the trip, according to multiple reports. Greyhound did confirm the incident and said the driver had been removed from service. Passenger Jasmine McClellan said she recorded video of the incident and described it as “one of the worst experiences I’ve dealt with.”

McClellan told a local newspaper, “By morning, we politely asked her to pull over around four or more times. We were finally able to get the driver to pull over in the middle of New Mexico but not without her almost tipping the bus over with how reckless she was being.”

McClellan said U.S. Border Patrol was called to escort the bus to the closest gas station, where the driver was replaced. A Border Patrol agent stayed on the bus to keep an eye on the driver along the way, McClellan said.

Passengers sad that they were escorted to a safe location by U.S. Border Patrol agents and a new driver was assigned.


WARNING: Profanity in video

Source: Greyhound passengers take over bus to stop drowsy driver

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