DEVELOPING: Baby Smoking Marijuana in Video on Facebook

The 20-year-old mother of a baby seen smoking in a video on Facebook has been arrested and faces multiple charges in North Carolina.

A version of the video that’s received 1.5 million views was posted by a user who urged the mother’s arrest. The 10-second clip shows the hand of an adult off-screen holding what appears to be a cigarillo to the child’s lips. The child appears to inhale before letting out a puff of smoke.

According to the arrest warrant, the child was smoking marijuana in the video. The Raleigh Police Department said Wednesday that the child was safe and the mother was in custody.

It wasn’t immediately clear what substance the child was smoking, but the mother was charged with marijuana possession. Brianna Ashanti Lofton, 20, was also charged with two counts of felony child abuse, according to a police news release.

The baby was placed with the county’s child protective services department. A phone listing for Lofton couldn’t be found through a public records search.

Source: Warrant: North Carolina baby was smoking marijuana in video on Facebook |

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