DEVELOPING: Dozens of Horses Found Starved to Death 

More than two dozen dead horses in varying degrees of decay had been discovered at a farm in Quantico, Maryland, on Friday.  After being reported to the sheriff’s office, an investigation at the 2.13-acre property began. The land is owned by Clayton P. and Barbara L. Pilchard.

Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis said, “The siding — aluminum siding — was eaten off the house, and fiberglass insulation had been pulled out. Those horses were so hungry, they had broken the glass sliding doors on the back of the house, trying to get in and find something to eat. There’s mud and broken glass all around the back of the house.”

Marjie Cancil, who lives near the farm, said she never really got to know Barbara Pilchard, even though they were neighbors for at least 25 years. “I knew they had been struggling financially for a while,” she said, “and I guess that’s because her husband has been ill for some time now. I knew her horses sometimes got out and raised concerns, but I’ve never seen an emaciated horse, never saw any indication anything was wrong.”

It was still undetermined Saturday afternoon how many horses remained on the property, but a large herd of live horses was visible from the road in front of the house Saturday, crowded around three stacks of hay.

“I just figured they were doing what they had to do,” she said. “But she really did have too many horses.”

Source: Cleanup begins where dozens of horses found dead

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