3 men have been arrested after a month-long investigation revealed a massive child pornography ring.

James Tumlinson, Patrick Tumlinson, and Cody Franklin were detained by the San Jacinto Sheriff’s Department. James Tumlinson and Franklin were charged with sexually assaulting children, and Patrick Tumlinson was charged with a failure to report the incidents.

A search of a trailer in Shepard, Texas, gave 2 memory sticks that contained over 3,100 videos. The videos included not only sex involving children, but torture videos as well, involving children between 5 to 12. Authorities believe there could be up to 27 victims involved.

“This is the worst case I have ever seen in my 37 years as a law enforcement officer,” said Sheriff Greg Capers.

Source: 3 arrested in ‘worst case’ of child pornography San Jacinto…


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