DEVELOPING: Ohio Student Allegedly Suspended for Staying Inside Classroom During Gun Control Walkout

A student at a high school in Hilliard, Ohio, says he was suspended for a day for staying inside of a classroom during the gun control walkouts across the nation.

Jacob Shoemaker, a senior, says that he was trying to stay nonpolitical during the process, and was trying to stay neutral. Shoemaker reportedly  had two options; to protest or go to the study hall, of which he did neither and was therefore suspended.

The school district has refuted the post, with a spokesperson saying, “I can only confirm that no student was suspended for not walking out, nor were any suspended for walking out.” (source)

The alleged suspension was spread around social media, which led to many messages to his father. Many of them were angry comments, with some people mistaking his father for the principal. He also says that he has received death threats over the incident.


Source: Ohio Student Suspended for Staying in Class During Walkouts – The New York Times

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