DEVELOPING: Man Used GPS Car Tracker to Stalk Woman for 3 Years

A man in San Antonio, Texas, has been arrested after he allegedly stalked a woman for 3 years using a GPS tracker on her car.

Richard Gabriel Garcia, 40, was arrested Monday on suspicion of stalking. The woman he stalked noticed on Friday that he car had been broken into. Fearing a repeat, she stayed at her friend’s house, only to come back to find her tires slashed. While her and her friend were looking around, they noticed a suspicious vehicle with Garcia in it, who then sped away.

Police later found a GPS tracker in her car’s engine compartment. She had previously found a tracker on her car back in 2015, to which Garcia admitted. But she did not press charges that time, saying that he seemed apologetic.

Source: SAPD: Man used GPS tracker to stalk woman – San Antonio Express-News

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