A 50-year-old man is facing nine years in prison in Germany after he ran over his mentally-handicapped daughter in an attempt to rid her of a “demon.”

The man also kicked the petite 25-year-old woman in the stomach. All of this resulted in her sustaining serious internal injuries that eventually led to her death. The father described his actions as a “massage” to exorcise the demon. He then committed sexual acts with the body in an attempt to “reanimate” it.

Upon reaching trial, he was found guilty for 9 years in prison, with the court saying that there was a significant reduction in guilt because the man earnestly believed he was helping her. He was acquitted of the sexual acts because it is believed he was truly attempting to revive his daughter.

He is expected to appeal.

Source: Vater trampelt Tochter bei Exorzismus zu Tode – Haftstrafe


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