DEVELOPING: Family Accidentally Buys and Eats Cereal that Expired in 1997

A Colorado family reportedly bought a decades-old box of Quaker 100% Natural Granola cereal at a Walmart in Littleton on March 5. When the family sat down for breakfast they found the cereal to be stale. “I just started eating and thinking, ‘It just tastes funny. It must be OK,’” Josiah Carelse said.

Carelse’s wife warned him to stop eating the cereal when he reportedly ate an entire bowl before checking the box’s expiration date. It turns out the cereal expired on Feb. 22, 1997. “We just grabbed this off the shelf, and yeah, 21 years old,” Josiah Carelse said.

The family plans to return the box to Walmart. A company spokesperson says Walmart is looking into how such an old box found its way into the Littleton store.

Source: Family accidentally buys and eats cereal that expired in 1997

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