DEVELOPING: Boy, 8, Shoots Sister, Mom Goes Back to Work

An 8-year-old boy loaded a rifle, repeatedly shot his 4-year-old sister at home and then told their mother. The mother left work to check the girl’s injuries, cleaned up a bloody bed cover and returned to work, leaving the children alone again according to authorities.

Alyssa Edwards, 27, is jailed on child endangerment charges related to the Saturday shooting in Hayesville, Ohio. Her attorney said Tuesday that he had just received the case and couldn’t yet comment. An arraignment is scheduled Wednesday. Edwards took the girl to a hospital hours after the shooting, Ashland County Prosecutor Christopher Tunnell said, and the hospital contacted police.

The girl was in stable condition on Monday at a children’s hospital in Cleveland. Her injuries aren’t considered life-threatening. The 8-year-old boy was in the custody of children’s services.

According to police, the rifle was kept in a gun locker with other firearms, and the boy knew how to open the locker if it was locked.

Source: After boy, 8, shot sister, mom went back to work | Tennessee

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