DEVELOPING: Man Stabs Neighbor for ‘Incessantly’ Reciting Poetry

A Dublin man stabbed and bit his upstairs neighbor over “incessantly” reciting poetry. The man has been sentenced to two and a half years in jail.

John Paul Mulready, 40, burst into his neighbor’s flat brandishing a serrated knife after pounding at the door shouting about music being played. The injured party, Dermot Byrne, said that hat there was a brief standoff after he picked up a frying pan to defend himself, but then Mulready tackled him to the ground, stabbed him in the leg and bit him on the face.

Byrne, who composes poetry, eventually stopped the attack by swinging a large bottle of vodka at him. Detectives confirmed that Mulready admitted he had attacked Byrne because of “poetry recited incessantly” from upstairs.

Byrne had significant wounds where he had been bitten on the eye and nose.

Source: Man jailed after stabbing his neighbour for ‘incessantly’ reciting poetry

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