DEVELOPING: Three Children Forced to Live in Plywood Box for Years

Three children were forced by their parents to live in a small plywood box for years in squalid conditions on a property inundated with cats, according to police in the community of Joshua Tree in California. The parents, Mona Kirk, 51, and Daniel Panico, 73, were arrested Wednesday by San Bernardino sheriff’s deputies at the property.

The children, ages 11, 13, and 14, were forced to live in a plywood box that was about 20 feet long, 4 feet high, and 10 feet wide without enough food say police.  There were also 30 to 40 cats roaming around, no electricity or running water, and “several large holes and mounds of trash and human feces.”

Child Protective Services took custody of the children, and the parents have been charged with three counts of willful cruelty to a child.

The sheriff’s office did not provide any more information.

Source: Three Children Were Allegedly Forced By Their Parents To Live In A Plywood Box For Four Years

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