DEVELOPING VIDEO: Bus Driver Fired after Lighting Crack Pipe

Video of a bus driver for a company in Round Rock, Texas, shows the driver lighting up what appears to be a crack pipe.

A local television viewer recorded the video of the bus driver as he was waiting at a stop light. In the video, you can see the bus driver holding the pipe and using a lighter to light it. A spokesperson for the AGE of Central Texas says they found out about the video when it was posted on social media Tuesday night. The driver was immediately fired.

The driver’s job was to transport seniors to and from AGE’s Adult Day Center in Round Rock. The driver would also be assigned to other duties at the center throughout the day. Rob Faubion, the director of marketing and communications for the agency said, “Because we’re serving a vulnerable population within our community, we want to make sure that the clients that we serve are safe at all times. There are times when somebody does slip through the cracks.”

Source: Bus driver fired after video appears to show him lighting crack pipe |

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