DEVELOPING: City of Eugene, Oregon, Starting Campaign to Control Rats and “Gangster Turkeys”

The City of Eugene, Oregon, has launched a campaign to try and limit the rampant populations of rats and turkeys in the area.

A big part of the problem has been caused by so-called “urban farming” where people in cities are taking care of animals such as chickens. A city councilor, discussing the problem, referred to the wild turkey population as “gangster turkeys” who aren’t “afraid of humans.”

The city has now began distributing reading material to try and keep people from leaving feed out that the rats and turkeys will flock to. They also are discussing the ban of feeding wildlife, with exceptions for things like bird-feeders.

Source: ‘They’re not scared of humans’: City of Eugene takes aim at rats, wild ‘gangster’ turkeys | KVAL

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