BREAKING: Putin Claims Russia is Testing ‘Invincible’ Nuclear Weapons

On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin boasted about new weaponry that will render NATO defenses “completely useless” and delivered a warning to the world about Russia’s resurgent military might. Putin claimed that Russia had developed a new, nuclear-capable cruise missile with “unlimited” range that is capable of eluding air-defense systems. He also said Russia had developed an “invincible” missile that can deliver a warhead at hypersonic speed.

“Russia still has the greatest nuclear potential in the world, but nobody listened to us,” he said. “Listen now,” said Putin. He also said it was a weapon capable of flying “like a meteorite” at several times the speed of sound. “We’ve never had an intention of attacking anybody,” he said. “Russia will only retaliate if it is attacked.”
Russia remains “interested in normal constructive relationship with the EU and America,” he added.

Source: Putin touts new ‘invincible’ missile capable of piercing US defenses – CNN

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