DEVELOPING: 5-Year-Old Died After Doctor Turned Her Away for Being Late

A recent inquiry into a 2015 death of a 5-year-old girl in England has revealed that she died after being turned away by a doctor for being late.

Ellie-May Clark was not seen at the clinic despite having an emergency appointment because she violated their “10-minute” rule. The new report also concluded that a chance to “provide potentially life-saving treatment was missed.”

The girl was reportedly wheezing and unable to walk home from school when her mother scheduled the emergency appointment. She informed them that they might be late due to the bus and arranging childcare. But once they arrived, and the doctor was informed around 18 minutes past their scheduled appointment, they were turned away and asked to return in the morning.

Ellie-May Clark later died that night after being taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Source: Ellie-May Clark died after GP turned her away for being late – BBC News

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