DEVELOPING: Passenger Uses Emergency Exit to Leave Plane at Gate

A passenger was arrested he used an emergency exit and slide to leave a plane he had just boarded.  The aircraft was still parked at the gate at Newark Liberty International Airport. Troy Fattun is accused of using an emergency exit slide to leave a plane at Newark Liberty International Airport on Sunday. Port Authority police say the 25-year-old is facing charges in connection with the incident. The flight was scheduled to depart from Newark and travel to Tampa, Florida.

Police say that Fattun had a discussion with the airline crew and then went to the back of the plane as other passengers were boarding, opened the emergency exit door, deployed the emergency slide and then went down it. He was detained by airline personnel as well as Port Authority police and arrested soon after. The incident caused the flight to be delayed for about five hours while passengers were put on another plane.

So far there’s no word on why he allegedly did it.

Source: Police: Passenger Uses Emergency Exit To Leave Plane At Gate In Newark « CBS New York

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