DEVELOPING: Drug Suspect on ‘Toilet Strike’ for 38 Days

A suspected drug dealer who has refused to use the toilet for 38 days is at “risk of death”, according to officials.

Lamarr Chambers, 24, of Brixton, England, is believed to have swallowed drugs during a police chase on January 17. Chambers has rejected laxatives and an X-ray but has been eating and drinking. He is being kept in a normal prison cell with two police officers with him at all times. Officials are concerned with the potential of something going seriously wrong.

The court heard the situation was “unprecedented” and the previous record for preventing the evacuation of the bowels was believed to have been 33 days.Police officers were in court to get an extension to his time in custody. Prosecutor Bob Rowlingson said, “He’s in charge of his fate, he only has to co-operate with police”.

The magistrates said, he should be monitored by police, not only for evidence gathering but also his own health and that police detention was justified. Chambers was sent back into his cell before what will be his eighth hearing on Monday.

Source: Drug suspect on toilet strike for 37 days ‘could die’ – BBC News

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