BREAKING: Airlines End Discount to NRA Members

United Airlines announced Saturday that it would eliminate a discount program for the National Rifle Association, following Delta Airlines and a group of other companies that have cut ties with the NRA. United said it would no longer offer a discounted rate for NRA members traveling to their annual meeting. The company also requested the NRA remove its information from their website.

A United Airlines spokesperson said the company “does not have an affiliation with the NRA” and that its program related to the NRA’s annual conference came from its “standard meeting agreement progress.” The announcement came hours after its competitor, Delta Airlines, announced it would also end its discount program for NRA members.

A number of companies have terminated their business agreements with the NRA under public pressure following the mass shooting in Parkland, Fla., last week.

Source: United Airlines ends discount for travel to NRA annual meeting | TheHill

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