DEVELOPING: YouTuber who Claimed Veganism Cured her Cancer has Died

A woman who ran the YouTube channel “Mari and Liz” with her niece and once claimed that her veganist lifestyle had cured her of cancer has died after subcombing to the disease.

Mari Lopez died Sunday after her cancer spread to her blood, liver, and lungs. Lopez and her niece Liz Johnson posted a video to the channel last January where they claimed that Lopez’s vegan lifestyle and a faith in God had cured her of breast cancer. At the time she also claimed that she had decided not to forgo any cancer treatments at the hospital.

Johnson claims that Lopez died after she started living with her mother, who prompted her to eat meat and microwaved foods. has disputed this claim, saying that microwaved foods had no effect upon health, assuming they are used according to instructions.

In a recent video, Johnson also said that Lopez had asked her to take down the videos claiming that vegan lifestyle acted as a cure, upon realizing that she was dying, but she declined to do so, saying that she still believes there are benefits that veganism can offer.

Source: | YouTuber who claimed veganism cured her cancer dies of cancer

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