DEVELOPING: Legendary Actor Attacked in Road Rage Incident

Actor Chevy Chase claims that he was attacked in a road rage incident while traveling over the Tappan Zee Bridge in New York.  He alleges that a passenger kicked him so hard he fell to the ground.

Chase, 74, told police that a black pick-up truck cut him off on Feb. 9.  He thought the truck might have hit his car, so he flashed his lights until the driver pulled over. He saw that there was no damage but Chase still went up to the driver to “speak to him about his reckless driving,” according to TMZ.

One of the passengers flipped off the actor and Chase, reportedly said, “If I were a lot younger I’d bust your nose.”  Then one of the passengers got out of the car and kicked the actor in the shoulder, causing him to hit the ground. The driver claimed Chase threw a punch first and that the kicker was trying to block his fist with a foot. The person who kicked the actor was cited for second-degree harassment.

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