DEVELOPING: “Breaking Bad” Star Accused of Sexual Assault

New Orleans police have investigated “Breaking Bad” star Dean Norris after a woman accused him of sexual assault.

A 32-year-old Ohio woman was visiting the city when she encountered Norris, who was filming in the city. She asked for a photo, as she was a big fan of “Breaking Bad,” which he obliged. He then allegedly invited her and a friend to a bar for drinks. The woman then says that she blacked out from excessive drinking and was woke up in his apartment, undressed and disoriented, when Norris forced intercouse with her.

Upon returning to Ohio, she told her husband, and went to the hospital for a rape kit. Her husband has corroborated her description of the event.

Police have not gone forth to charge Norris, saying that there is a lack of evidence to do so. They went on to say that if more evidence was provided, they would reevaluate.

Source: New Orleans police investigated ‘Breaking Bad’ actor after sexual assault allegation; D.A. declined to file charges

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