BREAKING: California State Senator Resigns Amid Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

A State Senator in California has announced his resignation after reports emerged allegedly sexual misconduct.

Tony Mendoza (D-Artesia) had previously stated that he would defend himself on the Senate floor. He instead announced his resignation in a letter, while the Senate debated a resolution to expel Mendoza from the chambers.

The allegations surrounding Mendoza include that he engaged in “flirtatious or sexually suggestive” behavior dating back to 2006 with six women, including four subordinates, a lobbyist, and a young woman in a fellowship with another lawmaker.

“I refuse to participate any further in the farcical ‘investigation’ against me that ignores the Senate’s own rules, invests processes, criteria and standards as needed, ignores due process and constitutional rights to self-defense all for the purpose of playing to election year politicking,” Mendoza wrote.

Source: Embattled LA Lawmaker Tony Mendoza Resigns After Sexual Misconduct Allegations « CBS Los Angeles

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