BREAKING: U.S. Embassy in Montenegro Attacked with Two Bomb Explosions

The United States embassy in Podgorica, Montenegro, was under attack early Thursday morning. An unknown person walked towards the U.S. Embassy building with one bomb that blew up and then reportedly blew himself up, according to a source on the scene. One person was confirmed to be dead in the blast.

There were reportedly two explosions in a twenty-second interval. Witnesses on the scene said, the authorities quickly responded and blocked off the area. They also blocked all access to the backyard of the embassy.

The motive of the attack has not been determined yet.

Source: US Embassy In Montenegro Attacked With Two Bomb Explosions, 1 Attacker Dead

Officials have confirmed a “security incident” has occurred at the U.S. Embassy.



The United States State Department has confirmed an attack has occurred outside the United States Embassy in Podgorica, Montenegro. Statement says officials are working to ensure all staff are safe. (11:03 p.m. ET February 21)

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