DEVELOPING: Woman Buried Alive Spends 11 Days Trying to get out of Coffin

A woman was reportedly buried alive and left inside her coffin for eleven days in northeast Brazil.

Her family opened the stone tomb after locals heard screams coming from the grave, but it was too late. Rosangela Almeida dos Santos, 37, was dead in the coffin which was nailed shut.

Based on the condition of the inside of the coffin, it appears that she had desperately tried to fight her way out. People living near to the cemetery alerted her family on February 9th, 11 days after she had been entombed. She had injuries on her hands and forehead where it appeared she had tried to fight her way out.

The family believes she was declared dead in error. Ms. Santos’ sister, Isamara Almeida, said, ‘We don’t want to accuse any doctor, we don’t want to cause any problems.  A spokesman for the hospital that declared her dead said they ‘will provide all necessary information requested from them to the family.

Source: Woman ‘buried alive spends 11 days trying to fight her way out’ | Metro News

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