BREAKING: California Officials to Block Trump’s Plan to Expand Oil Drilling off Coast

State officials in California say that they will block the federal government from transporting oil using any new or existing pipelines in the state.

This presents a major obstacle to President Trump’s plan to expand oil drilling offshore. Officials say that the plan could cause “catastrophic harm” to the area. California has also asked for exemption from the drilling plan, which had already been granted to Florida.

“President Trump’s offshore oil drilling plan is a step backward in time, toward an energy policy that blindly handcuffs the nation to an unsustainable future,”coastal commissioner Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom said in a statement Wednesday. “We will not be complacent in the face of Donald Trump’s deliberate partisan assault on California, its people, and its economy, and we will use every tool available to resist his cynical, regressive agenda.”

Source: California officials say they’ll block Trump’s plan to expand oil drilling off coast – San Francisco Chronicle

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