DEVELOPING: Alabama Teacher Suspended for Using Racial Slur in Class

A teacher in Hoover, Alabama, has been placed on administrative leave after allegations emerged of her using a racial slur in class.

The students were listening to Tupac’s “Dear Mama” while working on a project in class, which teacher Teddie Butcher allows in her classroom. However, suddenly Butcher told the students to, “Turn the ni**** tunes off.” The incident was displayed on Snapchat, but school administrators have since made the students delete the video.

In a meeting between the teacher, the student, and the mother, Butcher claimed that the song contained profanities. It was later revealed that it did not, according to the mother of the student who was playing it.

Hoover High School is the largest school in the state. The Hoover Board of Education has not stated how the incident will be handled, but they are reviewing it. (source) 4:01 p.m. ET January 23, 2018

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