DEVELOPING: Arizona Serial Killer Identified

A suspected serial killer in Arizona, who is accused of a murder spree spanning 3 weeks, has been arrested in Maricopa County.

Cleophus Cooksey Jr., 35, was in custody after police were called to shots fired at a home in Phoenix. When they arrived, they found Cooksey’s mother and stepfather dead. At the time, they had not linked him to other homicides, but using newer technology and evidence, they connected him to the murder of 7 others.

He had a long criminal history, being found guilty for manslaughter at age 18, and then repeatedly running into the law upon release. Cooksey is the grandson of civil rights leader Roy L. Cooksey, but suffered from a troubled childhood, regularly abused by his father. He moved out when he was 16. (source) 3:31 p.m. ET January 18, 2018

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