DEVELOPING: Texas Man Dies after Saving Fiancé’s Family During Christmas Day Fire

Eric Chambers, 37, has been hailed as a tragic hero after he gave his life saving his fiancé and her family from a fire on Christmas morning in Arlington, Texas.

Christmas morning, they were finishing up present wrapping when Jackie Goulet asked him to turn on the tree. He then went into the garage, but Goulet’s son yelled that the house was on fire, sending him back into the home. Chambers worked to help everyone out of the house, including his fiancé’s handicapped aunt. When he was the last one out of the home, his last words to his fiancé were: “My face got burnt trying to get out the front door.” He was taken to the hospital but died a short time later.

Jackie says that she will still take on his last name in his honor. (source) 5:54 p.m. ET December 28, 2017

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