DEVELOPING: Lawsuit Filed Against Joe Arpaio by Jeff Flake’s Son

Jeff Flake’s son has filed a federal lawsuit which will go to trial next month against Joe Arpaio over allegations that he pursued a frivolous criminal case to get some publicity and to embarrass Flake, a political opponent. The suit alleges that Arpaio chased after felony animal cruelty charges against Flake’s son and his wife.

Austin Flake was charged alongside his then wife for the heat exhaustion related deaths of 21 dogs at a kennel owned by his in-laws. The two were watching the kennel while the owners were out of town. The dogs died as a result of an air conditioning unit failing overnight in a small room.

The case was dismissed after it was determined that the owners were at fault for not properly maintaining the air conditioning unit. Arpaio is accused of pursuing the case even though there was no evidence to support the claims that it was the fault of the Flakes, going as far as conducting surveillance on Jeff Flake’s home. (source) 1:57 p.m. ET November 25, 2017


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