DEVELOPING: Lesbian Couple Held Captive, Beaten, in Indiana

3 men and a woman are in custody after it was discovered that they had been holding a lesbian couple captive in their basement over a dispute for a borrowed car. While in captivity, the two were beaten and malnourished, and one of the women was raped.

The married couple arrived at the home looking to do heroin while they were there. But then one of the women asked to borrow the homeowner’s Mustang to visit her son. They agreed, but when she did not return quickly enough, they took her wife captive. They then went and retrieved the vehicle, along with the woman, who was taken at gunpoint. They were then held captive in the basement of the home for several days.

The women were able to escape after the group stopped at a convenience store due to a blown tire and they asked to use the bathroom while they were there. They then pleaded with the clerk to call police, and barricaded themselves inside the bathroom until police arrived. (source) 2:29 p.m. ET November 22, 2017


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