16-year-old Charged After Killing Newborn Baby With Rock

A teenage mother has been charged with first-degree murder after she allegedly kiled her newborn baby by sticking a rock down its throat, according to local media. Alaya Dotson gave birth to the baby at her home in Colorado, and then allegedly stuck a rock down its throat in the backyard, killing it. The teenager’s mother called 911 and reported the incident.

“Alaya told police that her mom startled her so after her mom went back inside, she “decided to pick up a rock that was on the ground and put it inside the baby’s mouth.” She added that she “pushed the rock down the baby’s throat with her thumb” and then wrapped her in a blanket and placed her on the ground so when her mom grabbed the blanket, the baby “fell to the ground.” (source) 1:42 a.m. ET November 9, 2017


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