(ALBOENEWS) — Legendary Hollywood executive and producer Harvey Weinstein faces allegations of decades of sexual harassment, according to a new article in The New York Times. These accounts stretch back to the 1980s and involve major film figures such as Ashley Judd, Emily Nestor and Lauren O’Connor.

Documents describing lewd and inappropriate actions from Weinstein against various women indicate a pattern of harassment, as uncovered by The Times. These revelations were preceded just days before Weinstein began assembling a legal team, possibly in anticipation of The New York Times article.

Speaking to The Times, Weinstein acknowledged this behavior as having “caused a lot of pain” before making an apology.

Harvey Weinstein has been involved in a variety of major movies and television shows, including Oscar winners “Pulp Fiction” and “Good Will Hunting” and the popular series “Project Runway.”


Weinstein will be suspended from company pending investigation, per AP. (10/6 6:45 p.m. ET)

Weinstein has been fired, according to a statement from the Weinstein Company Board. (10/8 7:19 p.m. ET)


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