#BREAKING: Tom Petty in Full Cardiac Arrest

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA (ALBOENEWS) — Legendary musician Tom Petty has been rushed to a hospital in full cardiac arrest, according to TMZ.

Petty was found unconscious and not breathing and was subsequently rushed to the hospital.

Paramedics were able to get a pulse, but Petty, 66, is currently on life support.

UPDATE: Sources tell AlBoeNEWS that Petty is in critical condition.

Tom Petty was brain-dead when he arrived at the hospital, and his life support has been pulled (3:54 p.m. ET)

CBS News has retracted their statement saying that Tom Petty has died. It appears he is still fighting for his life in the hospital. LAPD had reported that the singer has died, but it was inaccurate. (5:25 p.m. ET)

The family and representative of Tom Petty have now confirmed that he has died (12:08 a.m. ET 10/3/17)

The autopsy results have come in and reveal that Petty died of an accidental overdose. He was on several pain medications, including Fentanyl patches. He went into full cardiac arrest and eventually led to his death. (source) 6:54 p.m. ET January 19, 2018

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