SOLOMON ISLANDS (ALBOENEWS) — A very large species of rat has been discovered in the Solomon Islands, according to researchers.

As Gizmodo reports,

“Described in a newly-published paper in the Journal of Mammalogy by researchers at Chicago’s Field Museum and the Solomon Islands’ Zaira Resource Management Area, the vika is a sight to behold. Including the scaly tail, the deep brown, robust rodent can be a foot and a half long, and can weigh as much as a pineapple. The vika, like its closest relatives, is an avid climber and likely spends most of its time high in the trees of the rainforest, clambering around in the middle of the night much like a possum. This new species can be distinguished from other Uromys species—many of which are also found in the Solomon Islands—by measurable differences in skull shape and by its genes. So far, the vika is only known from the island it was discovered upon, Vangunu.”


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