#BREAKING: Kim Jong-Un Calls Donald Trump “Mentally Deranged”

PYONGYANG (ALBOENEWS) — On Thursday, North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un said that Donald Trump’s UN speech demonstrated insanity and inhumanity, according to BNO News.

He went on to say that Trump is “mentally deranged” and went on to say that he will “pay dearly” for threats made. Yonhap News reports that Un is “seriously considering strongest possible response to provocation.” This was all said during a rare speech by the leader on North Korean State news.


Yonhap reports that the North Korean Foreign Minister says that ‘highest level action’ in Kim’s remarks may be an H-bomb detonation in the Pacific. (8:48 p.m. ET)

BNO News confirms that the North Korean Foreign Minister will address the body on Saturday morning. (5:33 p.m. ET)



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