#BREAKING: Active Shooter Reported at Washington High School

SPOKANE COUNTY, WASHINGTON (ALBOENEWS) — Reports of an active shooter situation at Freeman High School in Rockford, Wa. Several schools have entered lockdown.

UPDATE 1:42PM ET: Local media reports three injuries. Further information about nature of wounds or other victims currently unknown.

UPDATE 2:10PM ET: The Spokesman-Review reports that authorities now have a suspect in custody. A student who goes to Freeman High School tweeted that she heard four shots while in lockdown.

One gunshot victim is reportedly expected to survive. The condition and number of other victims is not presently known.

UPDATE 2:23PM ET: An official has confirmed that the threat has been “eliminated.” Police are now doing a room to room sweep of the entire school while children are being escorted from the building.

UPDATE 2:28PM ET: Two victims have been taken to a nearby hospital but they are reportedly stable.

UPDATE 2:32PM ET: Sacred Heart Hospital reports that they currently have three shooting victims, all stable. They are not expecting more casualties.

UPDATE 2:41PM ET: Officials say that one student was killed within the school. Three other victims are in stable condition at a nearby hospital.

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