DEVELOPING: Man Arrested for the Murder of Three Girls in Maryland

CLINTON, MARYLAND (ALBOENEWS) — A man was arrested Friday evening in connection to the deaths of three young girls inside a home.

25-year old Antonio Williams is suspected of murdering the three girls, all of whom were under the age of ten. They were identified as Williams’ sister, as well as two of his second-cousins. The girls were discovered by their mother when she got home from her night shift, and they visible signs of trauma on their bodies. A fourth child, a two-year old was also in the home, but was unharmed.

Williams was taking care of the children while his mother worked, and has confessed to stabbing the three girls. There is no motive discovered at this time.

Jennifer Donelan, a spokeswoman for the Prince George’s County Police Department, said that it was “one of the most difficult scenes,” that she had ever encountered, per CBS Baltimore.

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