DEVELOPING: Woman Sues Hospital after Accidentally Smothering Newborn

PORTLAND, OREGON (ALBOENEWS) — According to The Oregonian, an Oregon woman is suing the hospital where we gave birth to her son after she accidentally smothered the child to death while there.

The lawsuit, listed as being worth $8.6 million in damages, claims that the hospital is at fault for placing her newborn in the bed with her to breastfeed in the middle of the night while she was unsupervised and heavily medicated. She fell asleep, and awoke with the child unresponsive and not breathing. The suit also claims that she asked for help from a nurse, but upon receiving no response, she went into the hallway with the newborn crying for help.

The parents then took him off of life-support days later after doctors told them that his comatose state was irreversible after severe brain damage. The suit seeks damages for the emotional trauma of the situation, as well as treatment for PTSD and counseling.

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