#BREAKING: Massive Fire in Residential Complex in Dubai

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (ALBOENEWS) — A massive fire was burning early Friday morning in Dubai, images posted to social media show.

Flames were seen shooting out of the Torch tower in Dubai Marina, which is the same building that a fire burned in 2015.

The building first opened in 2011, and is the fifth-largest residential building in the world.

UPDATE: The fire broke out on the ninth floor of the building, and continued to spread.

UPDATE: According to the Civil Defense office, the building has been evacuated, and fire crews are still working on bringing the blaze under control.


  1. Oh no just like on 911!
    it will collapse into its own footprint any minute now… any minute now… any minute now… any minute NOW?

    1. Yawn…! I am still waiting, and waiting and waiting, OH WAIT, there no help to bring the building down in seconds..!!!! LOL, You Americans DRANK the 9-11 Kool-aid…lol…

  2. That day, the eleventh of September 2001, was a day of a strange anomaly when the laws of physics were overridden by the laws of politics and greed. Never before or never after that day have steel framed buildings fallen into their foot print due to fire. A day of a strange anomaly it was indeed.

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